Influencer Campaigns

Corning Museum of Glass / Brian DiFeo

Corning Museum of Glass / Brian DiFeo

Client: I Love New York

Ask: Send popular Instagrammers to New York museums to promote discounted tickets for state tourism board

Description: Hire 5 Instagrammers with over 500,000 total followers, manage travel logistics to visit museums, provide creative direction on photography and captions, and act as agent between talent and client. (See sample post here).

Special Events / InstaMeets

Photo by @BostonGeorgina

Photo by @BostonGeorgina

Client: Salt For Life 

Ask: Bring together the most popular Boston-based foodies for a special photography and culinary event

Description: Organized a meetup for Salt For Life with popular food Instagrammers in Boston who invited their audience to attend an exclusive event at a culinary school. Fifteen influential Instagrammers attended the event, sharing photos of the experience and mentioning the client in every posts. (See the event page here and sample Instagram post here).

Social Media Strategy

Content Example / Brian DiFeo

Client: The Roundhouse, a premiere hotel, restaurant and event space in the Hudson Valley

Ask: Create consistent brand voice and visuals across social media, content calendar, posting guidelines

Description: Developed brand-focused strategy and guidelines, combined with special events and influencer promotions, resulting in 300% audience growth on Instagram and 400% increase in Facebook engagement over 6-month period. (See sample post here and here).

Instagram Strategy

Cover of Instagram Guidelines

Client: Western Union

Ask: Create brand-specific Instagram Guidelines

Description: Concept and execute a 44-slide presentation that includes Instagram marketing strategies, advertising guidelines, account management, and best practices.

Account Management

Roundhouse Lounge / Brian DiFeo

Roundhouse Lounge / Brian DiFeo

ClientThe Roundhouse, a premiere hotel, restaurant and event space in the Hudson Valley

Ask: Grow Instagram audience and completely manage Instagram account

Description: Posted compelling photos with relevant captions and engaged with audience every day for 6 months. Implemented brand-specific engagement strategies, arranged influencers to stay at the hotel, and organized a special event at the hotel. 

Branding and Website

Client: Green Beacon Coalition, an environmental organization co-founded by Brian DiFeo.

Ask: Project Director of a new brand, including the logo, website, mission statement, and social media accounts.

Description: In March 2017, Green Beacon Coalition launched its website and social media accounts as the main resource for environmentalists and residents. 

@RoundhouseBeacon Instagram Growth

Consistent posting, excellent content, influencer visits, and an InstaMeet contributed to over 2,100 new followers